by Laura Beardsell-Moore May 10, 2020 2 min read

As we enter our eighth week of lockdown, it may not seem like the most auspicious of moments to launch a new product range... However, my new chicken themed kitchen accessories are now here! As we are all spending more time in our homes and many of you seem to be excelling at baking, perhaps it's not such bad timing after all?! 

Many of you who follow my work via my regular email updates or on social media will know that my 'Chicken and egg' range has been a while in the making. Many thanks to all of you who took part in my poll to find a background colour - I think your choice of 'powder blue' was absolutely right!

I'm delighted to be able to launch this new chicken gift and homewares range, which includes aprons, chopping boards, placemats, coasters and mugs


The making of...

The design features three different chicken paintings, 'Girls Day Out', 'Bluebelle' and 'Don't Chicken Out'.

I knew I also wanted to include an illustrative element, similar to the process behind the Hares in the Meadow range so I created a stylised image of a 'nest' and some eggs in Indian inks. I used these and the paintings to make a repeating pattern on a blue background.

The chicken paintings were professionally photographed and then put into some design software on my computer. I 'cut them out' on the computer so that I could arrange them in a pattern (no paintings were harmed in the making of this design!).

I know lots of homeware designers create everything digitally but there is something satisfying about drawing or painting something by hand first before it reaches the computer. 

I don't know of anyone else who uses oil paintings as a basis for designs (perhaps there is a reason for that?!) but I like the fact that I can create something special and unique from my paintings. 

Here is the ink drawing of the nest and eggs in ink and after it had been made into a vector image for the design.


What's next?

You may have realised that there are fewer products in the Chicken and Egg range than there are in the Hares in the Meadow range. This is mainly due to the disruption caused by the COVID 19 pandemic as I have seen a few of my regular manufacturers closing temporarily. These are small, family firms so I hope they will be able to pick up again soon. 

When they do open again, hopefully I will be able to add more lovely items such as oven gloves and tea towels to complete this new range of chicken homewares. 

From the traditional techniques of oil painting through to ink illustrations and then some digital pattern-making wizardry, these chickens have seen quite a transformation. I hope you will enjoy using them in your homes as much as I have enjoyed creating them!


Check out the whole Chicken and Egg homeware rangehere!

And here are the original paintings that inspired the design.



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