I often work to commission and can create a beautiful and bespoke oil painting of your dog, cat or horse. 

A pet portrait is a lovely way to create a lasting memory of your best friend. The most important thing is to take a good quality, high resolution photograph of your pet, preferably in natural (outdoor) light from which I can work. I prefer to have several photographs to see the character of your pet, although I will mainly work from one.

My paintings are created in oils, which I find to be the best medium for richness of colour and creating a portrait that will endure. I mostly paint on board. This offers a smooth surface suitable for fine detail, although I can paint on linen canvas on request.

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How to commission a painting

  1. Decide on the size painting you would like
  2. Find (or take) a few photos of your pet that you like
  3. Email me ( to book your place in my order book. Please let me know as soon as possible if the commission is for a birthday to allow drying/framing time
  4. Half of the payment is due when the booking is confirmed (often the composition is agreed at this stage too)
  5. I can send 'in progress' photos if you wish or you can save it to be a surprise when it is finished - it's completely up to you!
  6. The final payment is due on completion of the painting
  7. You can collect your finished painting! (Posting available on request)


Horses with bridles: Please add 25 per cent owing to the extra time required.

If you would like more than two animals in the painting I will be happy to give you a quotation.


You can now get your pet portrait without having to leave the house!

I realise that many of you are worried about going out at the moment because of the Coronavirus. I want to reassure you that after your painting is dry, I will be able to post your painting by courier so that neither of us needs to leave our houses. I will get the best quotation to post your painting safely and let you know.

Alternatively, a contact free collection is available for people who are local to Suffolk.

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Other commissions 

People have asked me to paint many different things from people to trains, boats and houses or flowers and wildlife.

If you like my style of painting and would like to commission an oil painting for that perfect spot, please get in touch for a conversation.

If you already have a photograph you would like me to work from, then the process is very straightforward. Please note, it is important that you own the copyright for the photograph or that you have permission from the person who took it.

If you do not have a photograph but have an idea that you would like developed into a painting, I am very happy to offer a bespoke quotation. For this type of commission I will need to factor in research, site visits, preparatory work and amendments based on discussions with you along with creating the painting.

It’s a simple process to commission an artwork. I take time and care to work with you on the concept and composition beforehand so that I can create something you can cherish forever.


Send me an email at or get in touch via my contact page.


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